Summer Book Recommendations

So you’re looking for a new book to dive into during your Summer vacation? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have a lot of new books hitting our bookstore here at IBJ Book Publishing. Here are our Summer reading recommendations:

For the sports lover: We have two recommendations that will score big!


Cinderella Ball by Michael S. Maurer

2017 is the 50th Anniversary of the Indiana Hoosiers’ 1967 run for the Rose Bowl. Maurer chronicled this team for four months, beginning with its first practice on September 1, 1967. As a 1967 graduate of the IU Law School, Maurer followed the ‘67 team with mounting curiosity. After hearing one account after another from friends, his reply was often, “How did that happen?” John Bansch, Assistant Sports Editor for The Indianapolis Star, calls their Rose Bowl run “One of the greatest stories in the history of college football.” Read it today!



Get Off The Couch–See It Live! by Jeffrey Jacobs

Ever wonder how you can get a ticket to the world’s most prestigious sporting events–The Super Bowl, Final Four, The Master’s, Wimbledon and many others? Find out how Jeffrey Jacobs attended these events over five decades. His tales may not only help you be part of the crowd—seeing the action LIVE—but they may bring a smile to your face. It all began in the 1960’s with the Beatles—read it now!




For the news junkie: The tell-all University of Louisville sexual exposé you must read to believe.

Breaking Cardinal Rules by Katrina Powell with Dick Cady

An exposé of sexual recruiting tactics from the journal pages of an escort queen. Breaking Cardinal Rules is an exposé by escort Katina Powell based on her experiences providing sexual services for the basketball program at the University of Louisville. It is written with Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Dick Cady. Powell has filled five journals with details of her escort escapades, sexual encounters and her activities at the University of Louisville. Most of the U of L services she provided took place in the men’s dormitory where most of the basket players reside.

Her main contact and the man with the money–the school’s former director of basketball operations and former graduate assistant, Andre McGee–kept Powell and her girls busy from 2010 to 2014. Powell does not present a sympathetic character. Her life is full of contradictions. She has no remorse over the choices she has made. Her story is true in all its graphic detail.


For the artist: Who doesn’t love to color?

Color Indy

Indianapolis’ coloring book features iconic Indianapolis landmarks including the Pacers, the Children’s Museum, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and much more. Color Indy provides companies the perfect opportunity to present their clients, employees or incoming visitors the perfect keepsake “Get to know Indy” guide.





For the self-help crowd: Growing old doesn’t have to be boring.

How To Live Beyond 90 Without Falling Down by Georgia Gianakos Buchanan

Georgia Buchanan shares her life’s lessons with those who have climbed the old-age ladder with her, those who are still climbing, and those too young to believe that they will ever need a ladder. Learn her secrets in this delightful book.




For the fiction reader: Mystery, adventure, small town thriller. Perfect for Summer.

One Dark Summer by Bruce Whitley

A novel about the strengths of friendship and the will to survive a terrible tragedy that befalls an unsuspecting village in the heart of rural Midwestern America. It takes place in the 1960s and exposes the townsfolk to unspeakable criminality—the likes of which could only be contemplated by reading about far away places in the morning paper.

The story evolves in a setting of rolling hills, pastures, cultivated farmlands and wooded bottomlands through which flow a network of shallow creeks. Small homes border narrow streets and the sidewalks course an undulating path pushed up by the roots of stately oaks and elms.

In a small town where everyone knows everyone and a great time can be had discussing the day’s fishing trip at Molly’s Café, no one could imagine what dark times lay ahead.


That’s all for now, but check in with us for new books coming soon!


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