Drawing the Right Way

A Conservative Cartoonist’s View of the World


Gary Varvel

Forword by

Mitch Daniels


Drawing the Right Way is a compilation of Gary’s best work from 2008 to 2019. Each page is his perspective of what happened. It’s a pictorial history of the Obama administration, Obamacare, the War on Terror, the Mood in America, the first two years of Trump, and politicians in his home state of Indiana.
Also included, is the cartoon he drew after the September 11 terror attacks, of Uncle Sam carrying an FDNY firefighter. This cartoon became a commemorative poster that raised $130,000 for the relief effort in New York. It’s probably the best-known work of his 40-year career.

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“I love it that this amazing talent—Gary Varvel—is on our side, using his unique gifts to promote the things that matter most in life. His editorial cartoons are all keepers—the images and the cogent insight they express. I particularly appreciate his faith-based cartoons, and so will you. It’s a fascinating compendium that you should add to your library.”
— David Limbaugh
Author, Lawyer and Syndicated Columnist

“It’s almost impossible for a conservative to pick one of Gary Varvel’s cartoons as his favorite. I keep trying to but there’s always a new one vying for that label. The reason for that is that no politician or political force—especially the media—escapes Gary’s wonderful talent for drawing and his irreverence for everyone in the game we call politics. And he does it all with a good-natured Hoosier attitude. Bravo, Gary. Keep it up. Your kind of humor is the best antidote to all the political anger out there.”
— Jed Babbin
Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for President George H. W. Bush, Columnist for the Washington Times and The American Spectator

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Gary Varvel’s art and honesty will leave you saying only three: Thank you, Gary.”
— Tony Katz
Syndicated Radio Host

“It requires a unique talent to perfectly capture the sentiment of millions of patriots with a cartoon. Gary Varvel’s work features amazing artistry, yes—but it also evokes ALL THE FEELS. That’s the magic of Gary Varvel and his remarkable work. Don’t miss this awesome compilation!”
— Amy Jo Clark and Miriam Weaver
Chicks on the Right

“I have watched in amazement as Gary has turned a single creative image, not into a thousand words, but into multiple testaments to the great and immutable bulwarks of Civilization. This collection, his life’s work is both captivating and convicting, predictive and at times even prophetic as he has used his wit and his wisdom to awaken us all.”
— Greg Garrison
Attorney And Retired Radio Host

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