Honor For An IBJ Author

Great article honoring Tim Stoner, Zionsville decorated soldier and IBJ author. He and his wife wrote “FamilyPrint,” a collection of blogs and photos taken during Tim’s deployment. Read it the article here:

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SEO Basics From Round Peg

SEO Basics: More than just interesting blog posts. by Lorraine | Jun 9, 2016 Content marketing is more than just writing a great blog post. We are going to assume you have a good team writing interesting and grammatically correct blog posts. But you need to do more if you want your co

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So You want to be in Publishing?

Publishing is to disappointment, What slip-n’-slides are to moisture. I.e. I don’t know anyone in the industry who hasn’t gotten at least a little wet. It wasn’t until my final semester in college that I decided I definitely wanted to go into book publishing. Talk about an uphill batt

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