Book Publishing

Have you ever wanted to publish a book? There are many reasons to write a book—share your expertise; fulfill your dream; share a unique adventure; celebrate an anniversary; or leave a legacy. Whether you have written a business book or a novel, a cookbook or an autobiography, IBJ Book Publishing is dedicated to your success.

As an assisted self-publisher, we offer authors the unique opportunity to publish a custom book without giving up your involvement in the creative process. We work with our authors every step of the way to ensure a high-quality book in a professional, affordable and timely manner.


Professional editing will transform your book, making the writing more polished, organized, and cohesive. Whether you have a writing plan or a finished manuscript, consider working with one of our book editors to make sure you are on the right track.

Design, Layout, Printing

We do not offer cookie-cutter designs. You will receive a completely custom designed book. We will meet with you (in-person or via phone) to determine shape, size, number of pages and binding for your book. You will receive proofs/galleys throughout the layout process and once you sign off on the design and layout, we will go to press. After your book is through prepress, you will have a finished book in approximately four weeks.

Video – 15-30 second Bio/Synopsis

We can help you create a video of your author bio and/or your book synopsis—a mini ad to run on the IBJ bookstore, IBJ Portfolio page or your own website.


IBJ can convert your book to an eBook and make it available for Amazon, iTunes, Nook, Google and over one thousand other eBook sites.

If you have ever thought about publishing your own book, why wait? Get published with IBJ Custom Publishing today.