There’s an Elephant in Your Office

Practical tips to successfully identify and support mental and emotional health in the workplace. We’re addressing the elephant in the room. Managers who understand mental and emotional health are empowered to talk openly about it. This helps create an environment where everyone can do the job they were hired to do, including employees with a mental illness or psychiatric disability. In this book, we identify mental health conditions most commonly found in the workplace. Then, we recommend practical steps you can take as a manager to notice, identify, and properly interact with the elephants in your office. That’s right. Elephants....

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Come With Me and Visit a Hospital

Come With Me is a growing series of children’s stories that answer questions about often misunderstood medical places and conditions. The books are written for preschool through middle elementary age readers. Children will learn about different diagnoses along with the main character, Laura Elizabeth Helper—whose mother is a nurse, and her five pound Yorkie, Abby—who helps Laura and her friends and family understand the difficulties faced every day by those afflicted with challenging medical issues. In Come With Me and Visit a Hospital, Abby and Laura learn about the main areas in a hospital and pieces of equipment used in...

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Aging Well: Staying Younger, Smarter, and Fit

Think exercise and diet are the secrets to aging well and having a meaningful life that thrives? Think again. The new science of aging is upending many of the negative stereotypes and dogmatic beliefs about aging. New research is showing that we are not doomed by our genes, and they don’t control our biology or determine the person we can be. On the contrary, recent studies reveal that individual lifestyle, environment, attitude, and the friends we interact with play a far greater role than genetics in determining how well we age and who thrives in later life. This new research...

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