The Taylor Luck

Who knows when the Taylor Luck will surface and where it will take them? Mary Jo Taylor is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio but now resides in Sunman, Indiana. She has been a teacher and tutor over forty years and still teaches part-time. She has three grown children and five grandchildren who bring her much joy. Over the years, Mary Jo has mellowed! For now, she has a dog of her own, Toby.

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Contrary To Popular Belief

In the spring of 2014, Leppert started writing a blog.  It was the usual kind of blog being written for the usual kinds of reasons. But a funny thing happened when he took a couple of risks with his writing:  he got away with it.  And then he took his gloves off for good. Within a year, his “blog” was elevated to a “column” and began showing up in mainstream publications throughout Indiana.  After publishing more than a hundred installments, a group of recurring political and cultural themes began to emerge.  From RFRA and guns, to the economy and parenting,...

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The Starving Artist’s Diet

The Starving Artist's Diet is a humor book that takes a realistic look at contemporary artists and what they have eaten (or not eaten) to survive. It takes the issue of art and eating very seriously providing humorous truths we can all relate to. Obviously an artist can't live without art, and eating is pretty important too. This is a book that celebrates artists, their work, and some of the crazy things they're willing to do to keep creating. The Starving Artist's Diet is an authentic look at artists and features their real stories. Jack Lugar is the world's foremost...

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