65 Mustang: A Novel

Author: Debra Kolendo Wilson
Genre: Novel/Fiction
Pages: 300

The year is 1971. In the small town of Delray Beach Florida, every controversy the 60s and 70s has to offer has just spontaneously combusted right in the middle of Susi Petrolov’s newly desegregated and consolidated high school campus. Though Susi had been sure this would be the year she’d find her place in the world, she surveys the protests and vandalism and wonders if the “First Class” of Atlantic High School will survive. She wonders if she will survive. Susi’s allergic to controversy so she clings to words of wisdom spoken by the restorer of her newly acquired 65 Mustang: “If your life is simple, you aren’t really living life.” Little does ever innocent and denial prone Susi know – life is about to get a lot more complicated: the school has removed the DCT business cooperative program, the only class she’s ever wanted to be in, from her schedule, while her mom’s odd behavior is invading every part of her life. So many voices calling out to Susi: teachers and friends who see her potential beckon for her to take the risks necessary to deal with life, and stay on track wile many other opportunities arise that offer an easy way out. Ride with Susi as she struggles to navigate the bumpy roads of growing up during one of the most fascinating times in youth culture and in American history.