Author: Rusty Jackson
Genre: Biography/Memoir
Pages: 556

Feel the breeze. It is your fuel, your power. It is precious, as all natural things are! Always feel the source of your power, its strength, and know precisely where it is coming from. Face it. Welcome it. Put it to good use. Feel the breeze first thing, before ever getting underway, and then hoist and set your sails, course, mood, and everything else accordingly. Always make it a habit to feel the breeze no matter where you’re at, on terra firma or on water, and then set everything else accordingly, including your disposition. It usually sets the mood just right, gets you going, properly underway, and then you’re right on course to having a happy face. The power of the breeze is a good power. Good power is superior. It’s a Superior Breeze!

Happy faces are loaded with goodness; they emanate good energy and keep the good ripples rippling away in all directions, maintaining paradise, a happy Earth. In numbers they will certainly do wondrous good things for Mother Earth. Connect with it, feel it, smile, show your happy face.