Champion Citizens: Series One

Author: Sue Harris and Emily Winter (Arthur Ashe), James Masnyk, Debbie Masnyk and Kelsey Sigman (James Blake), Alyson Bundy, Susie Chen, Amanda Nguyen, Rithvi Melanta and Sharon Rosenburgh (Billie Jean King), Kim Ainza, Kaitlyn Kennedy and Carolyn Freeman (Gale Sayers), Dawn Knight, Scott Ramey and Taylor Thurlow (George Taliaferro)
Genre: Children's Books
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The short stories in these five books will entertain and inspire third-grade readers nationwide with an insight into how these well-known athletes overcame big obstacles, reached impossible goals, and then worked to guarantee equal opportunity and fair treatment to all people.

At some time while growing up, children will face being left out of a group, losing someone they love, not having enough money, moving to a new school, having their feelings hurt, or making a big mistake. Athletes in our HCCTA Champion Citizen book series inspire children to find the champion in themselves to succeed in sports and in life.

These books and lesson plans are flexible enough to be an independent reading program or an intensive six-week reading program in the classroom. Appropriate for after-school programs, home-school students, scout troops, religious groups, youth sports teams or a child who enjoys reading.