Encore, More Extraordinarily Generous Celebrities Elate a Humble Ninety-Two-Year-Old Professor Through Shared Photographs and Autographs

Author: Hitwant Sidhu
Genre: Biography/Memoir
Pages: 84 pages

Most of you know me fairly well, but still want to have a little bit more information about the struggles and the achievements of my life. Please read thoroughly my “profile” written by Professor Ralph D. Gray. I hope you will also enjoy looking at my collection, which has provided me a lot of happiness.

Professor Hitwant Sidhu was born on March 3, 1927, into an ordinary but well-respected family of village Koharwala, Punjab, India. His parents did not have formal school education but taught him a very good philosophy of life. They wanted him to set high goals, work hard to achieve them, and stay very humble at the achievement. They also emphasized to him that he should lead a simple and honest life. Dr. Sidhu has been successful to a great extent in fulfilling the wishes of his parents. He has worked hard to achieve his goals, but the main source of his success has been the help and good wishes of so many kind people.

Professor Sidhu has been very content with his life. He never became rich but was never short of money to meet the needs of his family. As a student, he was successful in reaching the highest level of education in his professional field of Physical Education. As a teacher, he was well liked and respected by his students, colleagues, and administrators. He gets along with his friends very well.

One of the highlights of his happiness has been the graciousness of the celebrities in allowing him to come in contact with them. His family members in India; his wife Pushpa; daughters Rachna and Rashmi; sons-in-law Dr. Umesh Choudhry and Robert Recinto; and grandchildren Vishesh, Veer, Shivani, and Krishan, have been his strength to keep him going in life comfortably.

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