Grave Disorder

Author: Charlotte de ne Guerre
Genre: Novel/Fiction
Pages: 357
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Claire Foster is finding herself in some pretty exceptional circumstances. Through a string of unusual events, Claire is beginning to understand how and why her beautiful 17th century ancestor, Baroness Elysia von Eschenbach, died on her wedding day and yet lived to tell about it. Herr Achston Otto Hensel – Acky, the Vampire of Salzburg, would relate a different story – if only he were alive. Could Elysia’s fiancé, the spoiled lascivious Christoph de la Violette and his conniving mother Odile, have anything to do with it?

Only Elysia’s beloved aunt, Tante Sophia, and the good priest of St, Michael’s Cathedral, Father Ronalde, know the truth – and they’re not talking.

Claire with and inner tenacity and strength is able to weave through the myth and the mystery to uncover the truth.

Clair Foster’s modern day story is true. Baroness Elysia von Eschenbach’s gothic tale is based on the author’s research spanning a period of 20 years.