J. Mark Howell

Author: Kim Howell
Genre: Biography/Memoir
Pages: 64

Excerpt from the introduction:

I knew the first moment I met you, you were special. From that moment on I have been blessed with the honor of growing closer to you each day. With each shared experience, came the knowledge of knowing I had found “the one” I am to grow old with. Through your actions each and every day you demonstrate kindness, generosity, leadership, faith and love. You have proven to be humble, honorable, wise and above all genuine. Leaving BrightPoint was a professional sacrifice demonstrating that your family is your priority. Our gain was certainly BrightPoint’s (Ingram’s) loss as the following pages will clearly demonstrate. I am proud to be your wife!
I Love You,

This book contains heartfelt notes from many of Mark’s coworkers as he ended his time at BrightPoint and moved on to Angie’s List. They praise Mark for being a leader, mentor, and great role model. They all thank him for who he is, and wish him a bright future.