Power Versus Country

Author: Donald P. Bogard
Genre: History/Political
Pages: 176
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Are the Political Elite Willing to Solve our Nation’s Problems?

The United States faces myriad problems in the twenty-first century, few of which have easy solutions. In this book author Donald Bogard outlines four problems that the federal government could solve, given the political will. Unfortunately, Congress, as well as the president, do not address difficult issues for fear of offending voters, thus risking losing an election, which would mean lose of power, the ultimate Washington aphrodisiac.

In these pages, Bogard lays bare some shocking facts, large and small. For example, a path to Social Security solvency has been around—and ignored—since the 1980s; our taxpayer dollars subsidize every single ticket to the tune of $100 per flight out of the John Murtha Airport in Pennsylvania; members of Congress can be reimbursed for mileage at a higher rate than the IRS allows for the rest of us; and illegal immigrants can obtain “legitimate” citizenship documents by renting birth certificates, easily obtained from public records.
If the president and members of Congress could be inoculated against “Potomac Fever,” the virus that leads them to crave power and wish to stay in Washington forever, they could begin to solve these four problems and the many others that face our country.