Skelton: Portrait of an American Family

Author: John Skelton
Genre: History/Political
Pages: 166

One of the best parts of my journey has been finding, talking with, and meeting dozens of new family members. Some are near; others are distant, both in the family tree and in geography. Each one has shed some light on a branch or leaf in the Skelton family. Thank you each and every cousin and family member for accepting me into your lives. All of these bits of genealogical information are like pieces to a big beautiful puzzle. But these pieces didn’t come in a box with the picture on the cover. I had to search for each piece. I didn’t know how many pieces, where to find them, or what the picture would look like when it was done. I simply collected as many pieces as I could, spread them out on our dining room table- and breakfast table and kitchen counter top and floor- and tried to piece them together, one by one. This puzzle doesn’t have nice clean edges and easy-to-see corners. Some pieces fit together beautifully; others need some, ahem, encouragement and interpretation.