The People Reader

Author: Jason Miller
Genre: Business/Self-Help
Pages: 160

If it is a scientific fact that humans use 7% to 10% of their brains, then how can we make 100% factual observations about anything? The other 90% to 93% of our dormant consciousness is our spiritual selves. The People Reader is a self-help guide towards connecting the duality of the physical world to the spiritual world and through this connection it will enhance your natural ability to discern the spiritual energies of any human that you come in contact with. Did you know that every human being that you meet has a specific agenda for you? Deep inside of that stranger, your partner, that associate, co-worker, or family member, there is an agenda. Although you may be unaware of their agenda on the physical plane, all of the solutions to your discernment issues are made available on the spiritual plane. Jason shares proven methods of logic, science and spiritual that mill make discerning (reading) any and all human beings, a much simpler process. If you say “yes” to any of these five questions, thenThe People Reader will bring clarity towards your discernment issues:

  • Do you believe that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience?
  • Do you believe that everything on Earth is energy?
  • Do you believe that all human beings are connected?
  • Are you interested in controlling your spiritual experiences?
  • Are you interested spiritually discerning (reading) other human beings that engage or interact with?