booksNow that you have your book written, what happens next?

You set an author meeting with IBJ Book Publishing. We want to discuss your project with you thoroughly and face-to-face. We will answer your questions and walk you through the steps to becoming a published author including the following:
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  • Registration: ISBN, Bar Code, Library of Congress Number and Copyright
  • Manuscript Status: Editing, Word Count, Sections
  • Book Specifications: Trim Size, Binding, Quantity
  • Basic Design – Color, Photos, Illustrations
  • Time Frame
  • Layout Process
  • Marketing Plan
  • Distribution Plan



briefcaseEvery book has a unique registration number printed on the copyright page. This is the ISBN – International Standard Book Number. Each version of a book must have a separate ISBN whether it is a paperback, hard back, ebook or audio book. Also, most books will have a corresponding bar code. As your publisher, IBJBP will provide all ISBNs and bar codes that you need.


certifiedLibraries are often overlooked as an ideal purchaser for your book. For a library to order your book, it must have a Library of Congress issued registration number. Self-publishers are assigned a PCN – pre-assigned Control Number. This number allows the LOC to create a bibliographic record for the book and is an option IBJ Book Publishing offers to all authors. Librarians use it to locate a specific Library of Congress catalog record in the national databases, to order books and to order catalog cards from the Library of Congress or from commercial suppliers. This number will also appear on your Copyright page like this:

Library of Congress Control Number: 2007012345


Authors are most concerned about copyright and protecting their work. Since copyright exists from the moment the work is created, IBJBP will always indicate your ownership of the material with the © symbol and your name as author on the copyright page of your book. We suggest you register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office to protect it from infringement. The length of copyright is the author’s life + 70 years. There is a registration fee – online is $35 and a paper registration is $45 and you must send two copies of your book to the Copyright Office within one year of publication.

We will also discuss your word count, the trim size of your book, the binding style, the quantity of books you need, basic design, your time frame, marketing, distribution and we will discuss editing.


manuscriptIn order to quote your book, we need to know the status of your manuscript and your book specifications. The word count is important to determine the number of pages for your book and page count is based on the trim size. We will need to know the type of book you want – hardback or paperback; black and white or color; dust jacket or not to name a few options. Do you have a design concept in mind? What is your timeline? Are you trying to make a specific delivery date? How many books will you be ordering? In many cases, you will get a better price break, the more books you order. The quantity of books you order should fit in with your marketing plan.


pencilWe know you have probably had friends and relatives read your manuscript, but we strongly recommend that you have your book professionally edited before layout begins. Our Editorial Services Package includes: Proofreading, Copy Editing and Structural Improvement.

If you choose to have your book edited through IBJ Book Publishing, no corrections will be made without your authorization. Our editor will mark all recommended changes and return the manuscript to you. You may accept all of the changes, some of the changes or none of the changes. Layout will not begin on your book until you are completely satisfied with the final copy.


openbookOnce all edits are approved by you, we are ready to start the design of your book. At this time, we will have you meet with our design team to discuss, your ideas, cover concepts and any concerns you may have. We want you to feel comfortable with our team and process. This is your book and we want you to know that all decisions are yours to make.

After the design meeting, layout will begin. We will give you a production schedule based on the scope of your project and scheduled press time. This schedule will contain all of your proof dates and the date your project will go to the printer. It is important that your project stays on schedule. If there are more than three rounds of corrections or if the press schedule is missed, extra charges may be incurred.

Your first proof will be sent to you as an electronic file or as a printed laser copy. The interior text will be formatted to the trim size of your final book. You will also receive a color laser of your cover. You are responsible for all editorial content and proofreading. Mark all of your corrections and return them by the due date. If needed, you will receive two more rounds of proofs before going to press.

With your final approval, your book will be prepped for press and sent to the printer. Final, printed copies will be available in 4-10 weeks. This timeframe is subject to the complexity of the project.


chartWe recommend you start your marketing process as soon as possible – the earlier the better. When you sign with IBJBP, we will supply you with a marketing binder containing many helpful ideas, suggestions and sources to help you with the marketing process. If you don’t want to go it alone, we will recommend you to our marketing partner – Coles Marketing.

IBJ Book Publishing can create order forms, posters, bookmarks, postcards, business cards, CD covers for audio versions or any other collateral material you might need to help you market your book.


deliverytruckIBJ Book Publishing will suggest book distributors to help you store books, fulfill orders and ship your books. These services can ship one book or cartons of books. Authors generally add this as a shipping and handling fee on to the base cost of each book.