Lessons Learned at Knight School


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Over the 29 seasons that Bob Knight was head basketball coach at Indiana University, more than 100 students served on his staff as managers. Coach Knight relied on this “volunteer” staff for a wide array of duties that deeply involved them in the inner workings of the program. These students have gone on to become successful adults with highly productive careers in business, medicine, law, education and sports.

Prepare to Win is an accounting of the Lessons Learned at Knight School, chronicling the individual and collective lessons learned from Bob Knight in the countless hours spent as integral parts of Indiana Basketball. These personal perspectives of Bob Knight and Indiana Basketball provide a unique view into one of America’s greatest runs in college basketball, and how those experiences translated into success beyond basketball. All profits from this book will be contributed to charity, including the Bob Knight Library Fund.

“Bob Knight is one of the finest coaches in the history of American sport. His influence goes far beyond the basketball court, and his influence upon me has been profound. Those that played for him, coached under him, and have worked for him, have all told me that their experience learning from Bob Knight has been life changing, and not a day goes by that they don’t rely upon the principles he taught them.”
Jay Bilas, ESPN

“Bob and I are great friends, as good as brothers. He was my mentor when he was at West Point, and is one of the greatest coaches the game has ever had. He is the best at strategy and teaching.”
Digger Phelps

“At Indiana, under Coach Knight, we were dedicated to preparation, with an extraordinary commitment to winning. Our managers gave themselves selflessly to the goals of our team, and have used that same level of commitment and preparation to attain success in their careers.”
Isiah Thomas

“I’ve watched over the years, during the Bob Knight era, how much Bob respected his managers and their work ethic. I firmly believe, having spent time around the Indiana Basketball program that those managers played a vital role in the Hoosiers’ success, and it helped them prepare for the ‘Game of Life’.”
Dick Vitale


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