Aging Well: Staying Younger, Smarter, and Fit


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Rodney A. Rhoades

Think exercise and diet are the secrets to aging well and having a meaningful life that thrives? Think again.
The new science of aging is upending many of the negative stereotypes and dogmatic beliefs about aging. New research is showing that we are not doomed by our genes, and they don’t control our biology or determine the person we can be. On the contrary, recent studies reveal that individual lifestyle, environment, attitude, and the friends we interact with play a far greater role than genetics in determining how well we age and who thrives in later life. This new research also confirms the power behind the mind-body-spirit connection and how a balance between the three draws on our deep, inner healing power and optimizes our well-being.
Aging Well will help you understand the science behind these new ideas from an emotional, mental, and spiritual perspective. You can also explore how to increase the odds of having a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life in your later years.
It’s never too late to change. Whether you’ve hit the “Big Five-O,” 60, 70, 80, or beyond, you can make a U-turn in the way you see yourself and change your attitude and approach to aging well. In Aging Well, you will find these key points:

  • Importance of a positive attitude in redefining and changing your narrative about aging
  • Effects of an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Importance of friendship and social interaction
  • Significance of play and laughter
  • Value of cultivating meaning and purpose in your life
  • Significance of caring for your mind
  • Benefits of creative activity and lifelong learning
  • Power of belief
  • Importance of a spiritual connection and aging


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