Cinderella Ball


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50th Anniversary of the 1967 Indiana Hoosiers run for the Rose Bowl

“The game is the climax to one of the greatest stories in the history of college football. For many years Indiana was everyone’s whipping boy.”
–John Bansch, Assistant Sports Editor, The Indianapolis Star, January 1, 1968

“It was a year of one heart-stopper after another for Indiana’s “Brink Gang” – gambling gamblers who repeatedly screeched right up to the brink of disaster, then swerved merrily away to safety.”
Bob Hammel, Bloomington Herald-Telephone

“So, never mind any tales involving the behemoth Ohio State and Michigan football factories. Or the surprising Northwestern Wildcats of 1995. The best Big Ten gridiron tale we ever experienced was courtesy of none other than the 1967 … Indiana Hoosiers.”
–Bruce Marshall, Editor

“Indiana’s Cinderella dash to the Rose Bowl – accomplished despite an underdog’s tag in practically every game – unanimously was named the top Hoosier sports story of 1967 by Associated Press sports writers and sports broadcasters.”
–The Associated Press, Indianapolis Star, December 28, 1967

“This is a team that catches the imagination, like Excaliber, the sword of Sir Lancelot. It is a team … touched with a bit of genius and madness, a team gifted beyond words in those innate human qualities of daring, audacity, ability and courage …”
–Maxwell Stirles, Sports Editor, Los Angeles Citizens – News

“Some of the most self-torturing climaxes since radio serials.”
–Dan Jenkins, Sports Illustrated


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