Indiana Shanachie: A Hoosier’s Tales of Ireland


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About The Author

Kevin Murray

Indiana Shanachie, a Hoosier’s Tales of Ireland offer a Midwesterner’s unique peek into the people and places of County Donegal, Ireland. Isolated in the far northwest corner of Ireland, this very special place holds unbelievably beautiful scenery, as well as some of the finest people on the planet. The tales in this book describe personal visits ranging from 1980 to 2018, and cover topics as varied as undertaking and turf cutting, to old stone cottages and St. John’s Eve bonfires. The elusive genealogical quest described therein spans nearly four decades. During those remarkable years, much has changed in Ireland in general, and more specifically, in County Donegal. This book captures some of that magic period in the hope of preserving a bit of Irish history. That is the job of the Shanachie, and it will always continue.


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