Shoot for the Stars: A Playbook for Teens and Tweens


About The Author

Tamika Catchings

On the basketball court, Tamika Catchings’ legacy is cemented as one of the greatest women ever to play the game. Off the court, Tamika created the Catch the Stars Foundation in the spring of 2004 to help disadvantaged youth achieve their dreams. Catchings felt compelled to start the foundation because she understood that the youth of today are the stars of tomorrow and the lack of support for our youth results in many never reaching their full potential. She embraces being a positive role model by encouraging youth to be all that they can be.

Shoot for the Stars is Tamika’s playbook for today’s teens and “tweens” on how they, too, can shoot for the stars with hard work, perseverance, and faith in God. Sharing personal stories and insights, Tamika conveys positive messages designed to help build healthy minds, bodies, and spirits.


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