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Carolyn E. Mosby-Williams

Children always seem to have an idea as to what they want to be when they grow up. However, in the case of Carolyn Elizabeth Mosby-Williams, her destiny was developing right before her very eyes, even though she did not see it until she grew up.

Unflappable, documents the first 40 years in the life of Gary, Indiana native Carolyn E. Mosby-Williams, a veteran public relations and marketing professional who is currently the chief marketing officer for a global not-for-profit service organization headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Born into a family already seasoned with age and older children, Mosby-Williams introduces readers to her life in an honest and sometimes humorous coming of age story. In childhood she was prepared for life’s twists and turns, including mortality between her parents when both faced battles with cancer.

As a somewhat rebellious teenager, Mosby-Williams highlights the various test of discipline, respect and focus demanded from the late John Oliver Mosby, Sr., her retired father and her mother, the late Indiana State Senator Carolyn Brown Mosby, whose workaholic background passed down to her daughter. Unflappable also reveals the benefits and the angst of Mosby-Williams sometimes living in her mother’s shadow and fighting to become her own person.

Along with her strengths, “Unflappable” also follows Mosby-Williams’ own challenges and opportunities, including working with notable individuals such as the late Rev. Charles Williams (no relation), president of Indiana Black Expo, Inc., a man that Mosby-Williams called her mentor and friend. With exposure to media, celebrity and corporate America, Mosby-Williams expresses how she unknowingly built a wall of protection around her until and outsider tells her that her foundation is crumbling. Readers will go on the journey and learn of the necessary decisions that will change her life and allow her to rebuild.

The journey will also include a look in side the family’s connections with Black and American history over the generations.


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