1001 Watts

1001 Watts

Reinvent Yourself, Start Today, and Discover How Women Are Lighting the World

A New ‘Era for Women’ Has Arrived

Women around the world are searching for a new way to connect, to follow their vision, to be guided and nourished, and a new light is on the horizon. 1001 Watts is a guide that will help you navigate a new path of change as you redirect, refocus, and reinvent yourself. We are entering into the fourth industrial revolution, and women need each other more than ever before. The secrets revealed as you read this book will help you magnify your 1 watt of light, and use it to connect to other women, expanding your luminance until there is no woman who stands alone, no woman without opportunity to grow and succeed. 1001 Watts helps each woman recognize her unique beauty and value. Join us as we begin to light the world together.

Which paths are you lighting?

With true simplicity, this hope-filled book reveals how you represent 1 watt in 1001 Watts and proves how helping and lifting other women will fan your internal flame and empower you.

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