A Young Yank in the RAF

A Young Yank in the RAF

The World War II story of an Indiana boy in Britain’s Royal Air Force.

A Young Yank in the RAF describes how a young 20-year-old from Fort Wayne, Indiana, George August Furste, traveled in late 1941 to Canada, where he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and then later joined Britain’s Royal Air Force during World War II. He eventually wound up with the famed 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron, a bomber squadron at Downham Market, England. The story is based on the memory, extensive research, interviews with surviving crew members, and the fine imagination of his son, Stephen Furste. The account begins prior to George’s enlistment and then takes the reader through many, always dangerous, always bonding, experiences of George and his crew; it ends with George’s discharge and return to civilian life in mid-1945. The book is also a love story, as George met an “English Girl” from Lewisham (South London), the love of his life and future wife, Vera Simms. In writing this book, the author pays the highest tribute to his father, to his father’s crew members, and to the World War II generation, often called the Greatest Generation.

“This well-written story escorts the reader back to the dark days of World War II, to the lives of the heroic airmen who endured monstrous casualties in the fight against the Nazi war machine. It’s a must read for those who wonder what life must have been like for those who fought for the freedom we enjoy today.”
E. Carver McGriff
WWII Combat Veteran, Retired Pastor
St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, IN, 1967-1993

“Steve’s account of his father’s World War II military service is a fascinating story reconstructed from RCAF / RAF records, recollections, and personal interviews. Steve weaves these threads into a fabric, giving the reader accounts of specific mission details of a British Stirling bomber crew and brings to the printed page their daily thoughts, fears, conflictions, and emotional states with actual quotes from his father and crew members. …”
Howard Maxwell
LtCol USAF (Ret.), pilot, 113th Tactical Fighter Squadron

“A true love story about an American flying for the RAF and an English gal who met by chance during World War II. … This heartwarming story provides a poignant picture of survival for this young couple during the early years of the war. A great read.”
John B. Collins II
USAF 18th Fighter Wing, Osan Air Force Base, Korea

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