#Bars: The Evolution of Battle Rap in the Internet Age

#Bars: The Evolution of Battle Rap in the Internet Age

As hip-hop culture has gradually become American culture over the past quarter century, battle rap has very much been a part of the takeover. The battle culture, however, has never properly been chronicled in print — until now. In #BARS, the history of the scene gets told by those who have lived it.
The voices of nearly 150 rappers, league organizers, journalists and other figures in the scene have been pieced together to provide an oral history of verbal warfare through the Internet age, tracing its growth from a series of loosely organized local events in the 1990s to a global scene that has made fans out of such superstars as Drake, Diddy and James Corden.
Whether you’re a casual fan looking to brush up on your history or a hardcore supporter of the scene who’s been watching battles online and in person for years, #BARS is your ultimate battle rap reference guide.

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