Commissioning of USS Indianapolis

Commissioning of USS Indianapolis

The Commissioning Committee of USS Indianapolis hopes you enjoy this keepsake Commissioning book. It features historical documents, never before published photographs, and original works of art such as the end sheet designs by Indianapolis native and syndicated editorial cartoonist Gary Varvel.
When earlier USS Indianapolis ships—ID 3865, an armed cargo ship; CA 35, a heavy cruiser; and SSN 697, a fast-attack nuclear submarine—were commissioned, they were the most technologically advanced warships of their era.
This newest Capital City namesake, Indianapolis (LCS 17), is no different and perhaps more so than her predecessors. Her greatest weapon is her crew as well as their support network and shipbuilders that stand at the ready for them.
Indianapolis’ namesake Legacy of War is a Legacy of Victory. Indianapolis is a city known for its racing history that is synonymous with victory and a city with more monuments to veterans than any other. The monuments in Indianapolis commemorate the victories and sacrifices from the American Revolution to the present. The monuments include the tallest veterans’ monument in the nation, the Indiana Soldiers & Sailors monument, topped by a statue simply known as Victory.
From its rise from a swamp to its ability to reinvent itself and become the 17th largest city in the nation, Indianapolis and its citizens have always manifested a spirit of victory.
To the crew of our USS Indianapolis, we wish you well. Fair winds and following seas. May your Legacy of War continue to be a Legacy of Victory.

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