Contrary To Popular Belief

Contrary To Popular Belief

In the spring of 2014, Leppert started writing a blog.  It was the usual kind of blog being written for the usual kinds of reasons. But a funny thing happened when he took a couple of risks with his writing:  he got away with it.  And then he took his gloves off for good.
Within a year, his “blog” was elevated to a “column” and began showing up in mainstream publications throughout Indiana.  After publishing more than a hundred installments, a group of recurring political and cultural themes began to emerge.  From RFRA and guns, to the economy and parenting, Leppert takes a provocative view on all of it.

Contrary To Popular Belief gives the real reasons why and from where his opinions are based. It is a chronicle being released purposely in summer of 2016 for readers to use as a guide during a historically chaotic political season.

Available July 8. Pre-order now.

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