Expect A Miracle

Expect A Miracle

A Biblical and Practical Guide to Walking in All of God’s Promises for You shows that miracles happen around us every day, and that we need to seek God for them to happen to us.

In this inspiring, motivational e-book, Dr. Preston T. Adams, III, senior pastor of Amazing Grace Church in Indianapolis, shares his insights into what God’s Word tells us about miracles. In an easy-to-understand, conversational style that draws upon real-life examples, Dr. Adams shows us:

  • The answer to our problems in our hands.

  • We need to ask God for what we want.

  • We need to keep looking for God’s Word, God’s wisdom and
    God’s will for us

  • We need to keep on knocking until we get what the Lord has promised us.

  • God commands us to ask Him for what we want.

Expect A Miracle will have you thinking about miracles in a new way. What’s more, you’ll be expecting them in your life!