Trading wingtips for combat boots and managing four children under the age of six, Tim and Tiffany Stoner transform their difficulty into an experience of graciousness, growth and gratitude. “The dialogue drew in our families and supporters and touched so many people’s lives,” says Major Stoner, who was awarded the Bronze Star during his deployment. “It became our compass and the foundation for what created this book.”
Not only does FamilyPrint depict this candid wartime experience with words, but also via the breathtaking photography of Nathan Rowe, who beautifully captures the agony of separation and the utter joy of coming home.

Indiana’s Governor, Mitch Daniels says, “When a National Guardsman deploys there are truly two people at war: the soldier who goes to fight the enemy and the spouse who stays behind to face, in many ways, an equally difficult task. Tim and Tiffany Stoner’s new book is a useful reminder of the debt we owe to both members of any National Guard Family.”

Author Tim Stoner has returned to his position as the director of the infrastructure and security practice at a consulting company. He remains an active soldier in the Army National Guard.

Author Tiffany Stoner is Chief Home Officer of the StonerSix. In addition, she works part-time for Accenture and owns her own photography company, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography.

FamilyPrint is a nonprofit organization assisting the families of veterans deployed overseas. Striving to support both the soldier in harm’s way as well as the family here at home, FamilyPrint offers programs that assist with the outbound and inbound transition of the soldier, childcare support during deployment, financial assistance for families in need and care items for deployed soldiers.

The 224-page, full-color coffee table book is available at