No More Mumbo Jumbo

No More Mumbo Jumbo

Bridging the Communication Gap Between Educators and Families

Let’s face it: educators speak a language all their own filled with complicated words, terms and acronyms. They call it “Educationese” but to parents and caregivers, it’s just Mumbo Jumbo.

This book uses the principles of broadcast journalism to help educators recognize and translate Mumbo Jumbo into clear, concise, effective communications. It’s designed to help them form rich relationships with parents and caregivers. Readers will learn how to use the right words, tone and body language to engage families.

No More Mumbo Jumbo is not a typical education book. It is short, simple, practical and easy to read. It’s no wonder. It was written by a former broadcast journalist with a passion for families and for translating Educationese.

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