Pleistocene: The Legend of Parakos

Pleistocene: The Legend of Parakos

The elusive Elvanelan culture foretold the drowning of Atlantis to its skeptical governors, warning that misuse of power and division would bring about downfall of its proud civilization. And the Elvan were right. Twelve-thousand years later, those responsible for the Atlantaean demise are back, with opportunity to choose a path different than the catastrophic road of an earlier time. Somewhere in Century Twenty-One: fossil fuels are nearly exhausted, rising sea levels flood coastal cities, and some suspect the weather isn’t all that is shifting on Earth.

One of the author’s intents is to bring environmental and ethical concerns into non-documentary, popular media. With a background education in film and natural resources, as well as experience as a landscape painter, Conrad blends themes in the book with this goal.

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