Recollections of a Mayo Clinic Fellowship, 1948-1952

Recollections of a Mayo Clinic Fellowship, 1948-1952

In Recollections of a Mayo Clinic Fellowship at Mid-Twentieth Century, 1948-1952, author Kenneth R. Woolling, M.D. presents the world-famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, as it existed during his four-year fellowship there. Here is a remarkable, behind-the-scenes view of advanced medical training at this unique institution. This rare book of memories should be of interest to physicians, medical students, history enthusiasts, and general readers alike.

Within its pages are fascinating vignettes of some of Mayo’s medical giants: Dr. Philip S. Hench, originally deemed “the Clinic fellow least likely to succeed,” who ultimately stunned the world with his Nobel Prize-winning discovery of the miracle drug, cortisone; Dr. Edgar V. Allen, who, in learning of the cause of a bleeding disorder in cattle, recognized a curative agent for clotting disorders in humans, opening the door to life-saving anticoagulant therapy; and Drs. H. Corwin Hinshaw and William H. Feldman, who, with Nobel scientist Dr. Selman A. Waksman, initiated the treatment of tuberculosis with streptomycin, leading to the cure of the centuries-long dreaded “white plague.”

You’ll read stories of other outstanding members of the Mayo Clinic teaching staff of that time. Through their exceptional knowledge, skill, and dedication, these physicians provided their students with invaluable lessons for medical practice as well as for life itself.

Also featured is an insider’s view of the city of Rochester and its environs. Located in the southeast corner of Minnesota, nestled among pleasant farmlands and peaceful lakes, with snowy winters and balmy springs, remarkable Rochester has its own, distinctive – indeed magical – charm and appeal.

Here is an inspiring tale of an extraordinary place, a true medical miracle, rising from the ashes of a devastating tornado to become an internationally-recognized center of health and hope.