Relationships Gone Wild

Relationships Gone Wild

To form relationships with others is easy; this comes as natural as learning to walk for most people. You struggle at first but eventually you’re running; that’s the easy part. The problem we have is not forming relationships but trying to maintain these relationships past the getting to know each other stage, a stage that is never ending.

The hardest thing for people to do in life is to live to please someone else. Because we are all so different in every aspect of who we are, it is almost impossible to please most people we are in relationships with.

Relationships are something we take for granted; just because you love someone doesn’t make it automatic. Relationships are something we must work on to become successful. We spend years preparing ourselves to achieve and maintain a satisfying career, but we do very little when it comes to maintaining a loving relationship.

Some things we can learn naturally; being in a long-term relationship is not one of them. I hope by you reading these few words it will encourage you to stop taking your relationship, the people you love, their feelings for you, and your feelings for them, for granted.

What you put in your relationship is what you will get out of it.