Spanking City Hall

Spanking City Hall

Spanking City Hall is the true story of an account executive who reinvented herself as a dominatrix in a Midwestern city. Harassed then sued by city government, Melyssa Hubbard stood her ground and fought for her right to conduct her legal businesses. She became involved in local politics, went on to fight unfair taxation, and created the first grassroots Tea Party movement in Indiana which helped oust the mayor who targeted her.

Sometimes outrageous and always courageous, the book takes the reader into the gritty world of a career dominatrix. There she learned her life’s purpose, battling both internal and external conflict on an original and surprising path to self-actualization.

This memoir promises a fascinating journey for readers interested in alternative lifestyles, politics, psychology, philosophy and spirituality.

“It’s a handbook of sociopolitical guerrilla tactics, and I couldn’t stop reading. A classic!” Dave Fulton, Emmy award-winning documentary maker, Naptown Rock Radio Wars &

“Spanking City Hall retells the unlikely story of a popular big city mayor’s effort to take the kink out of the city’s leading dominatrix in a classic, Hoosier hysterical moment . . .” Gary Welsh, attorney & publisher

“Hubbard turned her whip on the politician’s indecent use of police power, locked him up inside his own vulnerabilities, and, like any good dominatrix, showed him who’s in charge when her movement spanked him at the ballot box.” Bil Browning, award-winning national journalist and publisher of the Bilerico Project

“ . . . the arc of the story as it unfolds over the dawn of the 21st century parallels the explosive growth of the online universe as both a tool and a minefield in the realm of sexual self-expression, discovery and obsession.” NUVO Newsweekly, Indy’s Alternative Voice

“The Queen of Crops and Wands builds an arresting alternative political universe and narrative that speaks a declarative truth in an era where such is mostly obscured and distorted.” Brian A. Howey, publisher of Howey Politics Indiana.