The Golden Brigade

The Golden Brigade

The Untold Story of the 82nd Airborne in Vietnam and Beyond

Brigade is derived from a French word that means those who fight. Those who went to war together under the battle flag of the Third Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division, known in Vietnam as the Golden Brigade, formed an unbreakable bond of brotherhood in 22 months of combat while America went through tumultuous changes at home. That bond endured in the five decades after the war as survivors honored the 227 brigade members who died in Vietnam.
More than just a number or names on a memorial, the casualties were flesh-and-blood individuals whose lives are remembered in the recollections of their comrades. To tell the story of the fallen, many of the survivors opened up for the first time to talk about the war and its aftermath.
Perspectives gained at the ground level during the intensity of battle and the daily slog of shared hardship offer a fresh look by those who fought their generation’s war. Sometimes, a scar has to be cut open again to allow for proper healing.

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