The Intelligent Advertiser: The Definitive Guide to Finding Value in Local Broadcast Media

The Intelligent Advertiser: The Definitive Guide to Finding Value in Local Broadcast Media


In 1949 Benjamin Graham, a legendary investor, author, and teacher, published one of the most popular books ever written about investing in the stock market, The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. Graham pioneered his value investing philosophy at Columbia Business School after the Great Depression. His approach is still followed today by some of the world’s top investors, including and especially his most famous student—Warren Buffett. I believe the core principles of value investing in the stock market also apply to the world of advertising. Whether you’re buying stocks, or advertising, the goal is the same: create a profitable return on your investment. And in each activity, there’s a speculative factor with no guarantee for success. Anyone can buy stocks, or bonds, or advertising; it is the intelligent investors who find value where nobody else is looking. There have never been more ways to spend money on advertising than there are today. And many “experts” give digital and social media far more credit than they deserve for their true influence on consumer behaviors. Many digital solutions are wonderful, but just as many are faddish, unproven, wasteful, and fueled by hype. In this guide, I hope to provide simple and straightforward advice on how to ignore the hype when it comes to media investments. I’ll also give you everything you need to know to transform yourself from a speculator to an intelligent advertiser.

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