Underdog to Top Dog

Underdog to Top Dog

Underdog to Top Dog is a candid, inspiring story offering a wellspring of inspiration to anyone struggling to answer the question, Can I Do It? Shelvy Haywood Keglar, raised by a single mother, living in poverty, never knowing his father, and experiencing racism firsthand, overcame his challenging reality to become the successful clinical psychologist and businessman he is today.

The book transcends one man’s pragmatic and spiritual journey to offer a universal message of hope. Dr. Keglar sheds light on how you can live a more meaningful, productive, and satisfying life.
He shares five essential anchors that can help along the way:
• Make good decisions
• Don’t let pride get in the way
• Do the best you can in all you do
• Maintain true grit in the face of challenges
• Have faith in something bigger than yourself
This unique story culminates in a final chapter that offers a dynamic, self-reflective course of action that individuals, teachers, and community and business leaders can use to
gain new insights and to motivate themselves and others.

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