Voyage Magique

Voyage Magique

This book is a personal story centering on exploring your roots, and an early-age determination to achieve your dream. At the young age of 17, this “Yooper” from the city of Escanaba in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, wished to journey to France and experience the country of her family’s origin. As her 1968 travel journal shows, during high school she helped organize a challenging way to earn money to participate in a six-week educational opportunity to complete foreign study in Vanves, France, a suburb of Paris. Just after high school graduation, together with 5 high school friends, she experienced a transatlantic ocean crossing aboard the SS Massdam with approximately 800 other students. Upon arrival in Le Havre, France, their 6 week magical adventure continued with studies at the Lycee Micholet School in Vanves. Her friends and new schoolmates were able to explore Paris, visit Geneva, Switzerland and, also discover well known places in and near London, England before returning home to Escanaba. Many of the daily activities and events that occurred during her VOYAGE MAGIQUE are presented in her book. The book conveys information about her adventure, including meeting challenges, establishing friendships, experiencing other cultures and exploring her French roots from her unique perspective.

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