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Free 6-Week Online Workshop: Personal Engagement Strategy

In partnership with Indy Women in Tech (IWiT), Dress for Success, and Indiana Historical Society, 1001 Watts, published by IBJ Custom Publishing, will be used as a guide to help Indy women professionals discover how to level-up engagement and pursue their ambitions in an AI world. Author, Lauren Grey, received a Master of Public Affairs degree from Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs and recently completed certification in Artificial Intelligence Strategy from UC Berkeley School of Information.  Artificial Intelligence strategy aligns with the workshop's modules and her book, 1001 Watts. The learning outcome of the workshop is to guide women toward thinking more...

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Advice for Authors: What A Designer Wants You to Know About Creating a Cover

– Megan Carrell,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal As an author, you’ve spent countless hours writing your perfect book. But when that’s done, what’s next? Here’s six tips on what your cover designer really wants you to know about designing the cover.   Start with the basics. It might sound straightforward, but knowing this information can be critical to our design capability. For example, if your last name is Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele, we need to plan enough space to fit that. Not sure where to start? Here’s a good list. If you can fill this out, you’re ready for the next step....

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