As an independent author seeking self-publishing services, we know you have many companies to choose from – and we want you to make the choice that is right for you. With IBJ Book Publishing, you are assured the highest level of professionalism; unrivaled quality in products and services; and above all, an atmosphere of support, encouragement and open communication with each member of our team throughout the publishing process.

At IBJ Book Publishing, we put our relationship with our authors above all else. It is truly our greatest achievement to be a part of so many success stories. Even at this moment, our authors are accomplishing great things with their books. We are proud to be a part of each piece of literary history.

Our strong track record of satisfied and successful authors says it all …

“When we began the work to Commission the New USS Indiana and USS Indianapolis we committed to making each a memorable occasion for all. To commemorate these once in a lifetime events we wanted to produce beautiful commemorative hardbound books unlike any other ship commissioning books. The IBJ Team did just that and captured the spirit, the history & the moment for posterity.
The team was easy to work with and met every challenge head on. We could not have asked for a better A-Team.”
Ray Shearer
Chairman of the Commissioning Committees for USS Indiana and USS Indianapolis

“I contacted IBJ with questions about having a book published, and they came through with all the answers. The professional staff talked me through the process and then walked me through to publication. Questions were always answered promptly. Suggestions were heard and put into action. Even last minute changes were resolved. The staff was responsive and helpful at every step, even going out of the way to fill a special request. I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product or the service provided. I would recommend IBJ to anyone.”

Robert Dvorchak
Author, “The Golden Brigade”

1001 Watts was at one time just an unrealized dream. However, hopes and dreams can become a reality when you have a good plan and a great partner. After meeting with the IBJ publishing team, I realized how important it was to have a local and community-based partner, not to mention the sheer talent they have in their craft. The team made me feel as though my success as an author was as important as their success in publishing; it was more than just business. As a first-time author, I encountered many challenges that might have blindsided even the most prepared. Everything in the process I overcame was, in part, what makes the book something I am so proud of.  IBJ never allowed me to go it alone. For example, designing the book cover was something that taunted me to no end. How could I wrap up an entire book into a brand that told the story by itself?  For weeks I went back and forth with the team brainstorming ideas, until finally, one day, it came. I will be forever grateful for their passion, power, and insight into the publishing world. Even today, almost a year after the book published, our relationship is strengthening. It is becoming brighter than ever with the additional support of a new community partnership with Indy Women in Tech (IWiT), an organization whose mission is simple: to support women in STEM.”

Lauren Grey
Author, “1001 Watts: Reinvent Yourself, Start Today, and Discover How Women Are Lighting the World”
Learn more about how to partner with author, Lauren Grey, and Indy Women in Tech (IWiT) at

“We highly recommend working with IBJ for all your publishing needs! They’ve assisted our organization with publishing two books, and they’ve made the process seamless! The IBJ BP team have been fantastic! We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Tauja Catchings
Co-founder/Director of Operations, Catch the Stars Foundation,
“Dreams Are for Catching”,
“Shoot for the Stars”

“After three years of sitting on a manuscript I had written, I decided to reach out to IBJ Custom Publishing in hopes of making my dream of publishing a children’s book a reality. Everyone on staff was so personable and encouraging. They introduced me to an amazingly talented illustrator who ended up being a perfect fit for my book. I felt very much in charge of my own project, but was guided with IBJ’s help the entire way. My book, The Ought Not Tots, is a story of sisterhood and friendship, based on my two daughters. IBJ Custom Publishing was always welcoming to my children and let them experience the entire publishing process as well, which meant the world to me.”

Samantha Piety
Author, “The Ought Not Tots”

“IBJ Book Publishing was the perfect partner for my book. The professional staff responded quickly to every question and produced a quality, well-designed and formatted book. I felt they had a real interest in my success and were as passionate about my book as I am. They over-delivered. I would highly recommend them.”

Linda Rendleman, M.S.
Author, “Women Like Us”

“IBJ Book Publishing has been my publisher since 2015. In that time, IBJBP has worked with me to bring four books of excellence to market. As with any complicated enterprise, there are always unanticipated surprises. The staff at IBJBP has always worked with me to quickly and effective address all issues. They understand a book must remain the artistic creation of the writer, and of such quality and presentation that readers will want to keep and recommend that book to their friends.”

John I. Cardwell
Author, “The Good Road Home”, “Dances in a West African Night”,
“An Indiana Passage”,
“From the Tree Top”


“We can’t tell you how pleased we were with the TLC we received throughout the process. Very ambitious project to start in September and deliver for Christmas gifts, but IBJBP delivered on time. It was clear that the whole team took personal ownership and became involved in our project. And we had a ball in the process. Our thanks for a job very well done.”

Bruce & Jeanne Melchert
Authors, “Bruce & Jeanne’s Great Loop Adventure”

“As a first-time author, I put my trust in IBJ Custom Publishing. Their professionalism and creativity helped me achieve a major goal. My book has been picked up by a major publisher. Simon and Schuster is extremely impressed with the quality and said it was the best self-published book they had seen in a long time.”

Beth Nonte Russell
Author, “Offspring of a Deathless Soul”