forum-blogAs an independent author seeking self-publishing services, we know you have many companies to choose from – and we want you to make the choice that is right for you. With IBJ Book Publishing, you are assured the highest level of professionalism; unrivaled quality in products and services; and above all, an atmosphere of support, encouragement and open communication with each member of our team throughout the publishing process.

At IBJ Book Publishing, we put our relationship with our authors above all else. It is truly our greatest achievement to be a part of so many success stories. Even at this moment, our authors are accomplishing great things with their books. We are proud to be a part of each piece of literary history.

Our strong track record of satisfied and successful authors says it all …



“We are currently working on our third full-size book, in addition to several article reprints, with IBJ Book Publishing. We have experienced both attentive customer service and a high quality finished product.”

Elizabeth R. Osborn, Ph.D.
Assistant to the Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice for Court History and Public Education


“IBJ Book Publishing was the perfect partner for my book. The professional staff responded quickly to every question and produced a quality, well-designed and formatted book. I felt they had a real interest in my success and were as passionate about my book as I am. They over-delivered. I would highly recommend them.”

Linda Rendleman, M.S.
Author, “Women Like Us”


“We can’t tell you how pleased we were with the TLC we received throughout the process. Very ambitious project to start in September and deliver for Christmas gifts, but IBJBP delivered on time. It was clear that the whole team took personal ownership and became involved in our project. And we had a ball in the process. Our thanks for a job very well done.”

Bruce & Jeanne Melchert
Authors, “Bruce & Jeanne’s Great Loop Adventure”


“As a first-time author, I put my trust in IBJ Custom Publishing. Their professionalism and creativity helped me achieve a major goal. My book has been picked up by a major publisher. Simon and Schuster is extremely impressed with the quality and said it was the best self-published book they had seen in a long time.”

Beth Nonte Russell
Author, “Offspring of a Deathless Soul”



“It is so satisfying to author a book where a portion of the profits can go to a charity that has personally impacted my family’s life and legacy. IBJ Book Publishing was able to take my vision and determine a marketable final format for my book and website.”

Arielle Gobert
Author, “Red Hot Revolution”


“The staff did a great job helping me through my first book production … they were professional and helpful in every way. They were sensitive to my price points and my literary limitations …”

Dr. Edward Yosowitz
Author, “Punky’s Adventure”


“The design proficiency and attention to detail regarding my book were phenomenal. IBJ Book Publishing captured the vibrancy and beauty of my original photographs in a format that I consider a work of art.”

Mickey Maurer
Author, “Water Colors”


“I highly recommend their work and would encourage any author to meet with IBJ Book Publishing if they are serious about producing a quality book.”

Dane Starbuck
Author, “To Love an African Violet”



“Pat Keiffner and her team at IBJ Book Publishing were a delight to work with. Their warm professionalism merged with cutting edge perfection and creativity made me very happy with my book. They took the pain out of the details. I highly recommend them!”

Karen Valencic
Author, “Spiral Impact”


“Because of IBJ’s help, my book is a success. They were very supportive and ALWAYS available during the writing and production process. The cover and interior design turned out fantastic!”

J.R. Wilder
Author, “A Day of Legal Bungles”